Our partners

Non-government organisations (NGOs) and partner organisations are a crucial part of the support that patients, families and staff receive at Perth Children’s Hospital.

Our major partner organisations below are central to our commitment to the pursuit of healthier lives for children and young people: 

We also have strong relationships with WA universities who support teaching, training and research at the hospital.


In addition to our hospital partners, we have a number of on-site and visiting NGOs that provide support to our patients and families through their unique programs and initiatives.

The support of our NGOs helps to enhance the experience and wellbeing of our brave children, young people and families during their hospital stay or visit. 

On-site NGOs:

We also have a large number of visiting NGOs who come into the hospital on a regular basis to provide support to patients and families through their programs.

To each of our partners and NGOs – a big thank you!