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Ambulance fees for seniors and pensioners

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Do age pensioners and senior citizens have to pay for ambulance emergency / urgent transports?

At the time of transfer Age Pensioners will be entitled to free ambulance services and other senior citizens aged 65 years and over will pay only a 50 per cent of the normal fee, if they meet the following requirements at the point of transport:

  • An “Age Pensioner” is defined as a person who is a permanent resident in Western Australia (WA) and is in receipt of a government aged pension assessed by Centrelink (external site) or an age service pension assessed by the Department of Veterans' Affairs (external .
  • A “senior citizen” is defined as a person of 65 years or over who is a permanent resident in WA and not in receipt of a government age pension.

What ambulance services are free or receive the discount?

  • All emergency and urgent ambulance services.
  • Non-urgent ambulance services that are deemed to be medically necessary.

"Medically necessary" means those patients needing to be cared for while being transported to a hospital or other approved medical facility for clinical assessment/treatment and/or patients who are confused, whose conditions are unstable, and who require a stretcher, oxygen, or the skills of an ambulance officer.

In most cases, authorisation will be required from a medical practitioner for non-urgent ambulance transport. This may include a call from a hospital medical practitioner and/or your GP.

Do other pensioner concession cardholders receive free or discounted ambulance emergency/transport?

A recipient of a Pensioner Concession Card (PCC) from Centrelink, may receive a 50 per cent discount if they have “PCC entitlement” as confirmed by Centrelink. The PCC entitlement must be current at the date the ambulance service is used. For more information please contact St John Ambulance on (08) 9334 1222.

If you are over the age of 65 and hold a Pensioner Concession Card from Centrelink then you may be eligible to receive free ambulance transport i.e. St John Ambulance provide 50 per cent of the costs and the State Government the other 50 per cent.

If you find that your query has not been covered by this information please contact St John Ambulance WA Ltd on (08) 9334 1222 or email

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