Our visual identity

The brand for Perth Children’s Hospital was designed after comprehensive research and consultation with staff, patients and stakeholders from the former Princess Margaret Hospital.

It is informed by our Vision, mission and values and clearly distinguishes our new hospital as a leading, and WA’s only, dedicated children’s hospital locally, nationally and internationally.

The research undertaken throughout the brand development gave a strong direction about the use of colour and how the brand should help position Perth Children’s Hospital as a warm, trusted and safe hospital with a family-friendly approach to health care.

What is the meaning behind it?

Just as the architecture and interior design of our hospital has been influenced by the neighbouring Kings Park, so too has our brand identity.

Our logo is inspired by the growth rings of a tree trunk and features the colours of the native flora, fauna, seeds and wildlife that can be found in Kings Park. 

The abstract figure of a child at the heart of the design reflects the very essence of Perth Children’s Hospital – placing children at the centre of everything we do.The outer shapes also reflect the coming together of young people, their families and carers and our health professionals. The overall symbol forms an abstract letter ‘c’ reinforcing we are for children. 

Watch the video below to see these influences and the evolution of the brand.