Strengthen your bones – avoid osteoporosis

16 October 2017

Osteoporosis is a very common medical condition that affects the strength and quality of your bones. The most common outcome of osteoporosis is a fracture.

Bottle of milk next to a glass filled with milk
Calcium intake can assist to reduce the risk of osteoporosis
Source: Arthritis and Osteoporosis Western Australia

Friday 20 October is World Osteoporosis Day (external site) and aims to increase awareness of the condition.

One in 3 post-menopausal women will develop the condition and it can also affect men and young women.

Attributing factors can be:

  • family history
  • low levels of calcium and vitamin D in your body
  • some medical conditions
  • lifestyle factors.

However, osteoporosis is avoidable and is not part of the normal ageing process.

Embrace better bone health today and avoid unwanted fractures, pain and discomfort by learning about the condition and reducing your risk.

Risks can be reduced through increasing calcium intake, vitamin D exercise.

Learn more about osteoporosis.