Algal bloom warning for Mindarie Marina

16 December 2016

The Department of Health is warning people to avoid contact with red tide algae that has formed in the Mindarie marina.

Red Tide Algae Bloom

The algae can cause a red or brown discolouration and surface scum in the water, and is capable of producing a harmful algal toxin.

Contact with the bloom may cause skin irritation possibly leading to severe dermatitis, while ingestion of affected water may also cause severe illness and liver damage.

Recreational activities such as swimming, wading, kayaking, fishing and crabbing in these waters should be avoided, particularly where algal scum or discolouration is visible.

Pets should also be kept away from the water during the bloom..

Anyone who comes in contact with algal scum should rinse it off with clean water and seek medical attention if they feel unwell.

Not all waterways are always monitored for algal blooms and anyone who sees or suspects an algal bloom in a waterway should report it to the Department of Water's ALGALWATCH during office hours on 6250 8064 or to the local council.