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Reflections Art Studio – classes and programs

painting of jellyfishOur staff includes professional artists and art therapists who will help you develop your own arts practice through art classes and supported open studios. Term programs change 4 times a year.

Art classes

Each term structured art classes are provided in a variety of art techniques and mediums. These will suit those who want to learn something new, brush up on some skills or who work better in a structured environment.

Open studios

Open studios sessions encourage you to pursue your own personally directed art practice. During this time you can prepare for an art exhibition, develop your ideas or just use the time to relax while making art.

Art therapists

You can make an appointment to see one of our art therapists if you need extra support or have any issues about your attendance at Reflections.

Gallery and exhibitions

We have a small gallery where participants exhibit their work collectively in quarterly group exhibitions through the year. During an exhibition, the gallery is open to the public to view and purchase art work on Friday mornings from 9.30am to 3.30pm. Individual participants also exhibit their work throughout the year.

If you are interested in being on our email mailing list for upcoming exhibitions please contact Reflections.

painting of a poppy digital image of angel portrait of a woman portrait of child

photo of transformational doll ceramic tile photo of vase photo of textile artwork

fibre artwork Photo of ceramic bowl photo of diorama singlet with black and white artwork

Art techniques and mediums


Learn the basics of structural drawing, perspective and composition. Using a variety of techniques and different mediums.

a drawing of shoes


Learn or practise the techniques of colour mixing, painting, space relations, composition and texture in watercolours, acrylics and oils.

 A painting copying the Mona Lisa

Ceramics / pottery

Techniques include hand building, wheel throwing, moulds and casting, surface treatments such as glazes, texture, slips and colours are also worked with. There is a charge for firing work to cover the cost of electricity and glazes.

 grey, yellow and red ceramic bowl

Print making

Classes may be offered for print making processes such as screen, block and mono printing and will include paper preparation and the inking process.

example of print making

Multimedia and photography

The studio has a computer, graphic design programs, a printer and a digital camera. Learn the basics of digital photography, computer enhanced graphics and other print media programs.

Please note: The computer is not for general use (such as personal emails). It is for participants to use for artwork, graphics and art research on the web.

multimedia image of a person's head

Textiles and fibre art

We have a small textiles studio for a variety of textile techniques, including textile printing techniques, transfer printing, fabric dying and fabric manipulation. Stitch, applique and felt making may also be taught in the studio.

woven baskets


Basic sculpture techniques which may involve the use of mixed media, recycled and found objects, using plaster for creating reliefs and for carving, papier-mache, mosaic, clay and paper clay. Jewellery may also be offered.

a sculpture of a castle

Contact details

Contact Reflections.

Reflections Art Studio

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