Aboriginal health impact statement and declaration

The Aboriginal Health Impact Statement and Declaration for WA Health (ISD) has been developed to assist WA Health staff assess the needs of Aboriginal clients and employees to ensure that:

  • consideration has been given to the requirement for Aboriginal engagement and consultation undertaken, on a case by case basis
  • where required, consultation and engagement have been undertaken to ensure the needs, interests of and potential impacts on Aboriginal stakeholders and clients has been considered and incorporated
  • making this declaration demonstrates that the health impacts on Aboriginal people have been considered and appropriately incorporated into relevant health initiatives.

From 2020, Department of Health and Health Service Provider staff can access the new ISD eForm (external site) online.

The online ISD eForm takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.

Please remember to ensure to comply with your organisation’s record keeping practices.

Enquires about the revised ISD process can be directed to:

Phone: 08 9222 0245 at the Aboriginal Health Policy Directorate.

Last reviewed: 12-02-2020
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