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Access my WA Health medical records

Please note that the Department of Health can only assist with obtaining medical records from public health service providers.

Freedom of Information Act 1992 (external site) you can access your WA Health medical records. To do so you may contact the hospital or health service directly.

For queries relating to accessing records under the Freedom of Information Act 1992, phone the Department of Health Freedom of Information Coordinator on (08) 9222 6411.

For medical records from the private sector (including GPs, other medical specialists and private hospitals), please contact them directly.

If you are seeking to access your Princess Margaret Hospital medical record, contact Perth Children’s Hospital Release of Information on (08) 6456 4354.

For further advice about obtaining medical records from WA public health service providers, including from public hospitals that have closed down, please leave a message on the answering machine at (08) 9222 2311.

Who do I contact to obtain my medical records?

Each hospital or health service in which you have been a patient holds a separate record of your treatment at that hospital or health service.

Find out who to contact to get your WA Health medical records.

What do I need to apply for my medical records?

This service is free and applications must be in writing. You must provide:

  • an Australian address to which we can mail notices (this is required under the Freedom of Information Act)
  • enough information to clearly identify the medical records you want
  • proof of identity (such as a copy of a valid driver’s licence or birth certificate).
Can I have changes made to my medical records?

Your personal information can be changed if it is incorrect, misleading or out-of-date.

You will need to explain why the information should be changed and give details of the changes.

Can I access information about another person?

Generally you cannot access information about another person.

What about medical records from private health service providers?

Unfortunately we can only help if you are seeking records from a public health service.

You will need to contact the private hospital or healthcare facility directly to ask for a copy of your medical records.

Are there fees involved with obtaining medical records from private health service providers?

Please be advised that most GPs will charge a reasonable fee to cover the administrative costs of providing you with your medical records. If you feel this fee is unreasonable or you have problems paying this fee, you can contact the Health and Disability Services Complaints Office (HaDSCO) (external site) on (08) 6551 7600. HaDSCO can also assist with resolving other complaints related to accessing your medical records.

What if there are problems with my medical records?

If you have difficulty obtaining your medical records, suspect that your medical records may have been viewed inappropriately or you receive your medical records in a format that is unsatisfactory to you, you can contact the following:

What if I am having difficulty contacting private medical practitioners?

If you are unable to contact your private medical practitioner or have any complaints about their service, you can contact the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) (external site) on 1300 419 495.

Compliments and complaints about health services

If you wish to compliment, comment on, or complain about, any service received in a public hospital please visit here for further information.

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Last reviewed: 12-02-2019

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