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The Wound Healing Institute Australia (WHIA) (external site) is an independent, not-for-profit charitable institution concerned with the prevention, treatment and management of wounds.

Formerly known as WoundsWest, the WHIA will provide a range of wound management services to WA Health clinicians and the local community.  

WHIA offers high quality education, training, advice and research in wound prevention and management.

Online Wound Education Program

The WHIA interactive online wound education program is designed for healthcare professionals seeking to improve their understanding and ability to implement evidence-based principles and practices of wound management.

Undergraduate healthcare students may use the program as a useful adjunct to undergraduate learning.

Using 3D images, simulation techniques, video vignettes, case studies and quizzes, all modules can be completed on an annual basis for competency and accreditation purposes.

WA Health staff will continue to have free access to the Online Wound Education Program. A fee to access the program will apply to all other health professionals, undergraduate students, organisations and the community.

Customised training and clinical courses

WHIA offers customised education, training and service evaluation in these areas:

  • acute and chronic wound management
  • clinical skills proficiency in  wound management
  • health promotion and community awareness in wound prevention.

Education and training programs are available in a variety of formats including lectures, workshops, video conferencing, and webinars.

All customised training and clinical courses will incur a fee,

Wound Advisory Service

The WHIA offers wound advice to assist clinicians to provide evidence-based wound management for acute or chronic wounds for patients in hospitals, residential aged care facilities, the community or home setting.

WACHS staff will retain free access to the Wound Advisory Service.  A fee will apply to all other health professionals, individuals or organisations that wish to access the Wound Advisory Service.

Research and Evaluation Service

The WHIA offers a range of consultancy services and tools to support organisations to conduct organisational assessments, clinical audits or wound prevalence surveys.

Organisational assessments may include:

  • the design and conduct of product evaluations
  • needs analysis for staff education and training
  • wound product and device formulary
  • compliance with national standards, clinical practice guidelines and consensus statements for wound management
  • strategic planning to determine organisational priorities in wound management.

All research and evaluation services will incur a fee.

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