Pelvic mesh contact line

18 September 2017

The State Government has established a contact line for women concerned about the safety of pelvic mesh.

Woman sitting on a bench in the park
Women concerned about the safety of pelvic mesh should call the contact line on 1800 962 202

The contact line, (1800 962 202) which is run out of King Edward Memorial Hospital, is available for all WA women who have had mesh implanted, particularly those who report complications or adverse side effects from the insertion of transvaginal mesh.

The line is staffed from 8:30am.until 4:30pm. Monday to Friday, with after-hours calls going through to a message bank for actioning the next business day.

As well as providing a link to expertise and clinical services in Western Australia, the contact line will help determine the magnitude of the problem faced in WA, as it unknown how many women may have mesh related symptoms.

A mesh register will also be established to prospectively record the use of pelvic and abdominal mesh. King Edward Memorial Hospital will keep a record of all women who will be seen at the specialist uro-gynaecology clinic or referred to their GP for follow up.

The type of care required will depend on the patient’s condition and complexity of symptoms.