Population survey reports what Western Australians think about healthy eating

26 February 2018

The Western Australian Nutrition Monitoring Surveillance Series (NMSS) has been conducted by the WA Department of Health since 1995, and monitors knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and behaviours of Western Australians when it comes to nutrition. 

Salad sandwiches, apple and glass of water

The latest report from the NMSS reveals that Western Australians are concerned about ‘too much fast/junk food’, ‘too much sugar/sweet things’, and ‘too much fat/wrong sorts of fats/saturated fat’ in the Australian diet.

Three quarters of Western Australian adults surveyed reported that having access to more information in order to decide if foods were healthy, and having more healthy food options in takeaway and fast food outlets would help support their efforts to eat a healthy diet.

The Nutrition Monitoring Survey Series 2015 showed that more than two-thirds of Western Australian adults are overweight or obese. Alarmingly, half of those surveyed who were classified as overweight saw themselves as ‘about the right weight’.

The survey provides key insights into current knowledge and perceptions towards healthy eating, obesity prevention and possible government interventions.

Findings will help inform future policy development and health priorities for government with regard to obesity and chronic disease prevention.

For more information about obesity and what you and your patients can do to manage your weight and improve health, visit LiveLighter (external site).

Read the full Nutrition Monitoring survey 2015 (external link).