How many kilojoules are you drinking?

2 December 2019

LiveLighter® has launched ‘How many kilojoules are you drinking?’ campaign to raise awareness of the high energy content of alcoholic beverages.

illustration of person drinking wine which has the equivalent energy of pizza

While people are conscious of what they eat, they often overlook the extra energy in alcoholic drinks.

Alcohol is a significant contributor to many Australians’ daily energy intake, in particular over the festive period.

Research suggests that the festive period is a key time of weight gain, with estimates that adults gain on average 0.4 to 0.9kg between the end of November and start of January.

This campaign encourages Western Australians to reconsider their alcohol consumption during the pre-Christmas and summer holiday period by raising awareness of the significant number of kilojoules in many alcoholic drinks.

Reducing your alcohol intake reduces your risk of developing chronic diseases like cancer, liver disease, heart disease and stroke.

For more information on the ‘How many kilojoules are you drinking?’ campaign visit the LiveLighter website (external site).

The LiveLighter® campaign is funded by the Department of Health.