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Your say on cancer – findings by cancer type

For the 7 cancers the consultation found:

Bowel cancer

  • a general perception that women are at lower risk than men
  • surprise about risks associated with over consumption of red meat and processed meat
  • low awareness and confusion around the screening process and eligibility.

Breast cancer

  • good awareness of the risks associated with obesity or alcohol consumption
  • a strong perception that only binge alcohol consumption increased breast cancer risk
  • strong support for the BreastScreen WA program.

Cervical cancer

For additional results see the cervical cancer supplementary report (PDF 1.4MB).

Lung cancer

  • very good awareness of the link between smoking and lung cancer
  • strong support for multifaceted tobacco control campaigns.


  • very good awareness of the link between sun exposure and melanoma
  • opportunities for improving sun protection messages at high schools
  • strong support for banning commercial solaria.

Oesophageal and stomach

  • limited awareness of oesophageal and stomach cancer, including who is at risk, what the symptoms are, and how to prevent these cancers
  • a lack of understanding around the definition of a healthy diet and the link between high salt intake and cancer.

Prostate cancer

  • surprise that modifiable risk factors for prostate cancer are still not well understood
  • strong support for screening, which is not supported by the most recent evidence.

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