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Voluntary assisted dying

  • Voluntary assisted dying involves a process to access medication and to enable a person to legally choose the manner and timing of their death.
  • Voluntary assisted dying is currently not legal in Western Australia.
  • All Western Australians are encouraged to take part in the consultation that will assist in the proposed legislative framework for voluntary assisted dying legislation.

What is voluntary assisted dying?

Voluntary assisted dying means that some adults could ask for medical help to end their life if they have a disease or illness that is so severe it is going to cause their death and they are suffering badly.

The term ‘voluntary assisted dying’ emphasises the voluntary nature of the choice of the person and their enduring capacity to make this decision.

The State Government plans to introduce a Bill for Voluntary Assisted Dying Legislation in the second half of 2019.

Voluntary assisted dying is not an alternative to palliative care.

How can I participate in the voluntary assisted dying consultation?

Western Australian adults are encouraged to participate in the consultation over the next few months to help ensure the voluntary assisted dying legislation developed for Western Australia is based on the best available evidence and reflects the needs of our State and its people.

For more information and to take part in the consultation, visit Department of Health website (external site)

Last reviewed: 19-03-2019

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