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How to get tested for chlamydia (video transcript)

Rob: You've got what? How did you get that? Isn't that just for people that sleep around?

Dan: Don't be an idiot Robbo, you just get it from having unprotected sex and it only needs to be once. Plus haven't you been complaining about it burning when you take a piss? That's one of the symptoms. Although, I didn't have any symptoms and I still got it.

Rob: Well, personally I'd rather not know. I mean, Nikki might leave me if she found out that I had an STI like chlamydia for the rest of my life. No offence mate.

Dan: You really are as dumb as you look mate, it's not for life. You can just take some antibiotics and it's gone in about a week.

Rob: Really?

Dan: Really. All you have to do is piss in a cup and then they can tell you whether you have it.

Rob: Well I guess that's not so bad. But still I really don't want to know.

Dan: What? You don't want to know if you've got an infection in your balls? Plus that infection could spread to your new girlfriend.

Rob: Maybe I will go to the doctor and piss in a cup.

Dan: It's all it takes mate.

Rob: Hi, I have a ten thirty appointment for Rob.

Receptionist: Yep, we just need you to fill in a few forms. All the information you provide is confidential, so it won't be shown to anyone else.

Doctor: So why have you come today?

Rob: I've come for a chlamydia test, but it's probably a waste of time though. I'm in a committed relationship right now.

Doctor: Do you have any symptoms at all? Do you have any pain when you pass urine or discharge from your penis?

Rob: No.

Doctor: How long have you been with your current partner?

Rob: About two months.

Doctor: So in the last twelve months have you had any other sexual partners?

Rob: Yes.

Doctor: And with those did you have unprotected sex?

Rob: I have.

Doctor: So then you could well be at risk of chlamydia. I don't know if you're aware but fifty per cent of men and up to seventy five per cent of women have no symptoms of chlamydia and therefore you could easily pass this infection from one to the other. It's really important that we treat it early, because if left untreated it could lead to serious problems like infertility.

The test is very simple, it's just a urine test. And what I'd like you to do is to give me the very first bit of urine that you pass, goes in the jar, about half full and then the rest in the toilet. Ok? I'll show you where to go.

Doctor: So your tests have come back positive for chlamydia. But the good thing is that it's very simple to treat. It's just two tablets that you take both together. You may find that you get a bit of nausea later today and you might have a bit of diarrhoea tomorrow, but that all settles very quickly.

What's also important is that you don't have sex with your partner for a week after you've both been treated. Otherwise you could ping pong it back and forward between the two of you and that's obviously not what we want. The good thing about this medication is that once you've taken this you'll both be cured.

Obviously it's also important that your previous partners need to know about this as well, so I would like you to do that. Do you have any questions you'd like to ask me at this stage?

Rob: No.

Doctor: That's great. Ok, so in future it's really important to think about protected sex, so maybe you might like to take these and use those ok? Bye.

Doctor: Nikki, hi would you like to come in?

Doctor: So why have you come today?

Nikki: My boyfriend has chlamydia.

Doctor: Well it's great that you've come because it's really important that we treat chlamydia very early. If left untreated it can cause quite significant disease and in some cases can even lead to infertility, were you aware of that?

Nikki: No.

Doctor: Because you're a contact of someone who does have chlamydia already, it's important that we both test you and treat you today. Is that ok?

Nikki: Yeah that's fine, but is it easy to get rid of?

Doctor: Yeah it's simple treatment, you just take two tablets as a single dose and that's completely curative.

Dan: How'd you go? Did you get tested or what?

Rob: Yeah I got tested and it hurts me to say, but you were right.

Dan: And how did you go?

Rob: Let's just say Nikki and I both took our meds this morning and it really was pretty easy.

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