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Your rights and responsibilities as a patient

You have a fundamental right to health care that is:

  • respectful
  • responsive
  • safe.

Likewise, you have an obligation to treat staff and other patients with respect and to provide your health practitioner with all relevant health information.

Mutual respect will help ensure a positive experience

Healthcare professionals have a duty to:

  • treat you respectfully
  • listen to your concerns
  • answer your questions clearly and honestly
  • inform and educate you about your illness.

As a patient, you are required to:

  • give your health provider all relevant health information, including your medical history and all medicines you are currently taking
  • advise staff of any change in your condition or problems with your treatment.

Patient rights and obligations are governed by the Western Australian Public Patients’ Hospital Charter.

Tell us about your experience

Everyone likes to know when they have done a good job or how they can improve. Every hospital has a process that enables patients to provide comments about the quality of health care they receive, including compliments and complaints.

You can learn more about this process by contacting a staff member on your ward, the manager of the hospital’s Customer Liaison Department, or the hospital reception who will redirect your call to the most appropriate manager.

You can provide feedback during and after your hospital stay.

Video – Your rights and responsibilities as a public patient

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Patient Safety and Clinical Quality

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