Play it Food Safe campaign

Most people think they handle and prepare food safely, yet statistics show the majority of food poisoning occurs in the home.

Food poisoning can be very serious, particularly for vulnerable sections of the community such as the elderly and children. However, preventing food poisoning is simple if foods are handled and stored correctly.

In recent years, Western Australia has seen a rise in Salmonella cases, which led to the development of the Foodborne Illness Reduction Strategy 2017-2021.

A public campaign was a key element of the strategy, which aims to reduce the number of foodborne illness cases by changing behaviour and culture around food preparation and storage.

This vibrant marketing campaign was developed to educate people who prepare and handle food at home, particularly behaviours around eggs, chicken and ready-to-eat vegetables.

It emphasises that preparing meals at home is nutritious and enjoyable, and preventing food poisoning is simple when a few key behaviours are followed.

  • Raise awareness that the majority of food poisoning cases occur at home, not at commercial or retail food outlets.
  • Reduce the number of foodborne illness cases (food poisoning) in Western Australia.
  • Educate people about the correct ways to prepare, handle and store food.
Key messages
  • Play it Food Safe.
  • Clean, Separate, Cook, Chill:
    • Clean: Always clean your hands, benchtops and utensils before, during and after preparing food.
    • Separate: Keep raw foods (meat, chicken, seafood), eggs, ready-to-eat foods (fruit and vegetables) and cooked foods away from each other in the fridge.
    • Cook: Cook food all the way through and reheat food until it is steaming hot.
    • Chill: Avoid the temperature danger zone and keep foods below 5C (or hot foods above 60C).
  • Most people think they handle food safely but the majority of food poisoning happens in the home.
  • Preventing food poisoning at home is simple.
Target audience
  • People responsible for household food purchases and meal preparation.
  • Pilot launched in Busselton on 10 November, coinciding with National Food Safety Week, leading into the festive season during hot summer months.

Campaign materials

Please download and share these materials to help us reach our target audience and achieve our campaign objectives.

Contact us if you need alternative formats and let us know how you are using these materials. Thanks for the support.




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Order posters and flyers from the Department of Health online ordering system (external site), search “environmental health”.


Play it Food Safe banner (1.5MB PDF)
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