Volunteers needed for heart health trial

11 May 2018

Volunteers are being sought to participate in an important clinical trial that could reduce the risk of heart attacks in healthy people who have a family history of heart disease.

Two women walking along river pathway.

The study – called the CAUGHT-CAD study – is being run by University of WA School of Medicine and Pharmacology at Royal Perth Hospital. It is being funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council and conducted across five states, including Western Australia. 

One in five people in our community has a family history of early heart disease and of these one in four will go on to develop significant heart disease.

But many from this group will not realise they are at increased risk of heart disease because they will not be showing signs of heart disease themselves. As a result they will not be getting the vital care they need.

The CAUGHT-CAD trial is trying to find a way of identifying these people early so that they can be offered treatment sooner.

It believes the key to doing this lies in two key markers:

  • a strong family history of early heart disease
  • a build-up of calcium in the arteries (which can be detected from a scan of the heart).

You could be considered for this important study if you:

  • are between 40 and 70 years of age
  • are healthy and without heart problems
  • have an immediate family member who – before turning 60 – had a heart attack, a coronary stent inserted or underwent heart surgery or  have an aunt, uncle or grandparent who – before the age of 50 – had a heart attack, a coronary stent inserted or underwent heart surgery
  • are not taking a statin (cholesterol-lowering medication).

If you meet these criteria and would like to be considered for inclusion in this study you can email your interest at