Viral hepatitis treatment – are you missing out?

25 July 2018

Western Australians living with, or at risk of viral hepatitis are encouraged to learn more about testing, treatment and support services, including antiviral treatments that can cure hepatitis C.

Steve Fragomeni

Many people many not know they have hepatitis B or hepatitis C, while others may be aware of their status but may not know about recent developments in treatment.

An effective cure for hepatitis C is now available in Western Australia. Treatment for hepatitis B that can reduce the progress of liver disease is also available.

Western Australian man Steve Fragomeni was cured of hepatitis C after taking a 12-week course of daily tablets.

“I was sceptical of the hep C treatment at first,” Steve says. “But the treatment has cleared the virus from my system. I feel more energised, more optimistic and proud of myself to have tackled this head-on.”

Steve encourages others living with hepatitis C to educate themselves about available treatment and discuss options with trusted health professionals.

“Never underestimate your power to take it on,” he says.

WA’s Hepatitis Awareness Week runs 23-28 July, culminating in World Hepatitis Day on the 28 July. Learn more at Hepatitis WA (external site).