Perth Children's Hospital ED opens, PMH closes doors

11 June 2018

Perth Children’s Hospital’s wards and emergency department are now open, following the transfer of patients from Princess Margaret Hospital yesterday.

Princess Margaret Hospital emergency closes June 10, 7am and Perth Children's Hospital emergency opens on June 10, 7am

PCH replaces Princess Margaret Hospital as Western Australia’s only specialist paediatric hospital and major trauma centre, treating sick children from across WA.

The new 298 bed hospital has expanded clinical, research and education facilities and greatly improved amenities for families and staff. It also boasts a range of technological advancements and has been purpose built to improve its young patients’ hospital experience.

The community is reminded that PMH is no longer accepting patients and that telephone and fax numbers for services and staff will be different at PCH to those used at PMH.

Hospital emergency departments are for medical emergencies and there are a range of other care options which may be appropriate for health issues, including general practitioners and health direct.

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