Influenza warning for parents of pre-schoolers

30 April 2019

Parents of Western Australian pre-schoolers are being urged to take advantage of a free influenza vaccination to protect their children from the respiratory virus during the upcoming influenza season.

Father and toddler

Though influenza vaccination is recommended for people of all ages, pre-schoolers are particularly susceptible to the virus which can lead to serious illness, resulting in hospitalisation and in some cases even death.

Young children are also a major source of influenza transmission in the community.

Vaccination is recommended within the next month to optimise protection over the peak period for influenza infection in WA, which is typically from July to October.

It is available free from a range of immunisation providers including the Central Immunisation Clinic at 16 Rheola Street in West Perth, community immunisation clinics and Aboriginal Medical Services.

GP clinics also have access to the Government-funded vaccine but some may charge patients a consult fee, so parents are advised to check costs in advance.

Other vulnerable groups eligible for the free vaccine include:

  • people 65 years and older
  • pregnant women
  • Aboriginal people
  • people from six months of age who are at increased risk of severe influenza due to an existing medical condition such as heart disease, kidney disease, a chronic respiratory condition or other chronic disease.

People aged 65 and over can receive their free vaccine from pharmacies, GPs, community immunisation clinics and Aboriginal Medical Services. Some providers may charge an administration fee.

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