Children and families benefit from improved child development service

9 November 2017

Children at risk of developmental delays or difficulties and their families are benefiting from a more flexible, responsive and timely service provided by the Metropolitan Child Development Service.

Mother and children doing an activity

A new approach at the service is enabling earlier and more tailored interventions which are better able to meet the individual needs of children.

Consumer feedback and contemporary early intervention evidence has helped shape a range of improvement strategies.

Central to the changes are service planning appointments that are offered to parents/carers soon after a referral is made. The meetings give parents/carers an early opportunity to meet with a clinician to discuss concerns and priorities and develop an individualised service plan. Clinicians are also able to provide specific information and strategies relevant to families’ concerns, empowering parents to support their child's development.

The service, part of the Child and Adolescent Health Service (CAHS), was also honoured last night at the WA Health Excellence Awards for their contribution to engaging with consumers, carers and the community.