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Finding couple time when you have a new baby

Spending time with your partner is an important part of maintaining your relationship. A healthy, solid relationship is good for you, both as people and as parents. But with a new baby taking up so much of your time, it can be hard to remember what life was like as a couple.

Here are some practical ‘his and hers’ tips on how to nurture your relationship.


  • Thank her for everything she does for you and your baby.
  • Respect your partner’s need for physical space. She might feel ‘all touched out’ from looking after the baby. Show her you care with words and actions.
  • Tell her she’s beautiful and special.
  • Organise a baby-sitter, take her out for ice-cream and watch a sunset together.
  • Be old-fashioned. Give her flowers – even a single rose from your garden speaks volumes.
  • Make her breakfast in bed.
  • Do the housework without be asked (seriously, this is important to women!).


  • Thank him for everything he does for you and for your baby.
  • Make physical contact. Go back to basics and hold his hand when you sit next to him. Making the first move (even a simple move like this!) at least some of the time shows him you haven’t forgotten him.
  • Tell him he’s sexy. Your libido may have dropped after birth and he might understand that… in theory. In practice, he still needs to know he’s attractive to you.
  • Organise a baby-sitter and meet him for lunch.
  • Be old-fashioned and cook his favourite meal. Light some candles, play his favourite music and eat together.
  • Write him a short love note and hide it in his wallet.
  • Plan a date night. A DVD and popcorn is perfect, and it’s ok if you both fall asleep in the first 5 minutes.

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