Amenities and facilities

We offer a range of facilities to make your visit or stay at Perth Children's Hospital (PCH) as comfortable as possible. 

Your Guide to PCH

(Insert hyperlink) Your Guide to PCH (pdf) provides detail on all amenities available to you and your family, including an A-Z list of all facilities, services and support options.


View the PCH map to locate our main public facilities, which include:

  • Level 1 Food Hall with three retail food outlets
  • Ground Level Cafe
  • Perth Children's Hospital Foundation Gift Shop
  • Level 5 food outlet
  • Fun on Four indoor and outdoor recreation area for patients, families and visitors
  • vending machines
  • change facilities
  • ATMs
  • public phones.

If your child is staying at PCH as an inpatient, see Your hospital stay for more information including parent/carer accommodation and school services.