Perth Children’s Hospital (PCH) opened in early 2017, following the closure of Princess Margaret Hospital for Children (PMH) after 108 years of operation.

The State Government announced the building of Perth Children’s Hospital in 2008 and construction began in 2012 at the Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre site (QEIIMC) in Nedlands.

Our name Perth Children’s Hospital was announced in 2013 and was chosen to recognise the original name of WA’s first children’s hospital when it opened in 1909 (it was renamed Princess Margaret Hospital in 1949).

Consultation and design

During the design phase, the Perth Children’s Hospital project team consulted widely with national and leading international paediatric hospitals, PMH clinicians, patients and the community.

The design of the hospital incorporates a number of elements to support a healing environment including an abundance of natural light; green outlooks, with many views to Kings Park; and access to green space.

A Youth Advisory Committee was established in 2009 to provide a forum for frequent users of the hospital to share stories and thoughts about the planning process. Early feedback from the group was incorporated into the final design, including outdoor areas for patients, beds for parents to stay overnight and windows in every standard inpatient room.