Seniors eat healthy to prevent falls

16 February 2017

Stay On Your Feet®, WA’s falls prevention program provider by the Injury Control Council of WA and funded by the State Government through the Department of Health, has recently launched the latest Move Improve Remove campaign – Fuel Your Body.

Two elderly men sitting in chairs eating meals off plates

The campaign, targeting older adults living in the community, aims to raise awareness of the importance of eating a healthy and balanced diet, drinking plenty of water and limiting alcohol to prevent slips, trips and falls.

If your body is not receiving enough food or perhaps not the right types of food, you may be malnourished. Malnutrition can lead to weight loss, poor immunity, fatigue and dizziness which could result in a fall.

Fuel Your Body with these top tips from Stay On Your Feet®

  1. Don’t skip meals, even if you don’t feel hungry
  2. Eat regular, healthy meals from a variety of food groups
  3. Keep your kitchen well stocked with long lasting staples
  4. Use frozen and canned fruit and vegetables
  5. Cook big batches of your favourite foods to freeze
  6. Have a range of healthy snacks available to choose from, like fresh fruit, vegetables and nuts
  7. Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning and drink water with all meals
  8. Have a water bottle with you through the day, at home and when you are out
  9. If you are drinking alcohol, have one drink, followed by a glass of water
  10. Seek advice from your GP if necessary

For more information about fuelling your body to prevent slips, trips and falls visit Stay On Your Feet® (external site) or call 1300 30 35 40 to receive your free Fuel Your Body information booklet.

For more information about healthy eating when you’re older visit Eat For Health (external site).