PrEP trial a revolution in HIV prevention for WA

1 February 2017

Western Australians at the highest level of risk of acquiring Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) will soon have access to a ground-breaking biomedical prevention method known as pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP).

Young male looking into camera

PrEP is a clinical, evidence-based intervention for preventing HIV, whereby HIV-negative people at substantial risk of HIV infection take one tablet every day to reduce their risk of contracting the virus

Advances in science have shown that HIV can be prevented though the use of antiretroviral medication. Clinical trials have shown that PrEP can be a safe and effective way to reduce the risk of HIV infection by 96 per cent.

The trial will provide up to 2,000 people with access to PrEP, and will ensure that people most at risk of contracting HIV are linked into a service which can assist them in deciding whether PrEP is right for them.

The PrEP trial will run for two years from four clinical sites in the metropolitan area including the WA AIDS Council M Clinic, sexual health clinics at Royal Perth and Fremantle hospitals along with a general practice setting.

Promotion of the trial will be predominantly geared towards homosexual men, who are disproportionately affected by HIV in WA and continue to represent at least 50 per cent of the State’s HIV notifications.

It will be delivered as part of a combined prevention package which will also include sexual health testing every three months and targeted education to support prevention strategies such as the use of condoms.

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