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  • Man with a cold blowing his nose into a tissue

    Is it a cold or the flu?

    The common cold is not the same as the flu, which is a more serious illness.

  • Aldi tap

    Aldi taps suspected of contaminating drinking water

    People are urged to avoid drinking or cooking with water from a tap sold by Aldi, which has been suspected of contaminating water with high lead levels.

  • Mother and baby

    New Child Health Program improves family support

    As of 1 July, the WA Health Child Health Program changes have come into effect to help better meet the needs of Western Australian children and their families.

  • Young boy with rash

    Meningococcal disease warning

    Two new cases of meningococcal disease – in an infant and a young adult – have been confirmed by the Department of Health in the past week, and are currently recovering in separate hospitals.

  • Logo: Sustainable Health Review

    Sustainable Health Review representatives

    Expressions of interest are now open for Carer and Consumer Reference Group that will support the Sustainable Health Review.

  • Aboriginal child with soap

    Soap helping to reduce trachoma

    More than 200,000 free soap will be offered to communities in the Kimberley, Pilbara, Mid-West and Goldfields regions to help reduce the incidence of trachoma and other diseases in regional WA.

  • Product recall sign

    Valpam 5 (diazepam) 5mg tablets recall

    The Therapeutic Goods Administration is recalling all batches of Valpam 5 5 mg tablets supplied in blister packs of 50 tablets due to evidence of medicine tampering.

  • Bill and Jenny Flavel

    Telehealth saves Bill money, miles – and marriage

    Telehealth allows people who are isolated from their specialist or health care worker to carry out their appointment by telephone or high-quality videoconference. Bill Flavel jokes that telehealth might be keeping his marriage together.

  • Product recall sign

    Amlodipine Sandoz tablets recall

    The Therapeutic Goods Administration is recalling one batch of Amlodipine Sandoz tablets (batch number GT3446, expiry date 10/2019).

  • Eggs in a carton

    Rise in food poisoning linked to eggs

    People are reminded to avoid eating raw or partially cooked eggs as a result of a rise in salmonella infections.