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Reflections Art Studio – application process

Request to be notified

Ask your case manager or doctor to request to be on our email notification list for when Reflections has places available for new referrals. Please send to

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Assessment interview

After we receive your referral and talk to your case manager or doctor, we will ask you to come in for a meeting with an art therapist. We will discuss your referral with you and get to know a bit more about you so that we can assess your suitability for this service and how it might benefit you.

Acceptance interview

If we decide that this service is right for you and if we can accommodate you, we will ask you to come in for an acceptance interview. The art therapist will ask you about your personal health goals, what you would like to do at the studio and help you choose your timetable.


Attendance needs are worked out on an individual basis. Some people will need to come to the studio more often than others and some will need to keep coming for a longer time than others. We reserve the right to review your attendance and make decisions as to how often and for how long you can attend. For most people there will be a maximum length of attendance of 3 years.

Attendance reviews

Every 3 months an art therapist will meet with you to ask for your feedback about the studio, and to talk about your art practice and your goals.


While we are a community based arts studio with a relaxed atmosphere, Reflections Art Studio is a mental health service. We will respect confidentiality about your referral information, identity and attendance at all times.

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