Treatments and tests

Follow-up services for PATS

In some circumstances you may need to travel for your initial appointment but follow-up appointments may be able to be provided locally.

In such cases, PATS would only be available for the initial appointment and not for any associated follow-up services that can be provided locally or by telehealth.

Seeing your regular specialist

If you have been visiting a particular specialist and a similar service has since been established closer to your home, you may no longer be eligible for PATS if you continue to travel to see that specialist, unless there are clinical reasons why you need to do so.

Please contact your local PATS office for more information.

Returning home after being admitted to a hospital as an emergency patient

If you have been admitted to a public or private hospital as the result of an emergency and you are a PATS eligible patient, you will be eligible for PATS assistance to return home or to a closer location once you have been discharged.

The discharging doctor will determine how you travel based on your medical condition.

Accommodation assistance will be available for PATS eligible patients if:

  • you are required to stay at the treatment centre for outpatient specialist medical care after being discharged from hospital, or
  • transport schedules prevent you from returning home on the day you are discharged from hospital.

The discharging hospital will complete all the paperwork and contact your local PATS office to make the necessary arrangements.

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